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At this event we will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to generate over $10 000 per month passive income.

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If you think the Australian Property Investment Market is getting too hard, think "abroader"

The US Property Investment Market is a Low Cost and High Return... 

Properties for around $50,000 can return 12 to 15% of investment per year!

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Thursday 12th of October


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Join Novice to Seasoned US Property Investors to generate huge passive income without spending millions.

Your Host
Lindsay Stewart

National & International Property Developer
Your Investment Host.
A Property Webinar You Can't Afford To Miss...
How to Generate a Huge PASSIVE Income by investing in the U.S
We take you through real life examples of which properties are available to make a passive income in the U.S
5 Simple Tricks To finding Good Properties to invest in
We uncover the tricks we use to finding the best properties to invest in within the U.S market. Learn from the best.
The Returns - High Positive 
We show you what strategies give better returns. How to assess each deal on its merits.
“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.” – Andrew Carnegie, billionaire industrialist.
What Marica Thought!
You will discover Property Investing Options you may not have know were available to Australians.
STOP! So, What Are These "Property Events" All About...
And What Do We Actually Learn In Our Time Together?
I will show you how!
Not only that, We can do it for you. 
We Manage the whole process from source the best deal to manage the purchasing process.
Your Own Personal Property Scout and Assistant!
  •  Why US Real Estate over Australian Real Estate: The US Market is a low cost and high return.
  •  How to Invest in US Property: The Step by Step process.
  •  Where Should You Invest: The Area with Good Deals and the Drivers of Economy.
  •  What Type of Properties Do You Need To Look For?: Rentals and Renovations (Fix and Flips).
  •  Market Choices and Decisions: What you need to consider including Exchange Rates.
  •  How Do You Assess Property Values or Rental Values?: Determining an Average Price for US Properties.
You will Discover:

How to generate MASSIVE cashflow without Investing MILLIONS
The myths the media feed us on the 'right' and 'wrong' way to invest in property
Secrets the rich use to diversify their portfolios and protect themselves from market cycles
Property Investing options you may not have known were available to Aussies.
Without the HASSLE!
Thats right - we can do it all for you!


“This was my first time investing in the U.S. I was very uneducated as to how to successfully buy a property in another country from so far away. At the beginning it was quite daunting, but with the assistance of Lindsay and his team, Star Dynamic was able to find a great property deals producing steady positive cash flow outcomes. Star Dynamic showed me how to buy my US property for a price of USD$25,000 conduct the relative due diligence including area research, comparison sales and ARV (After repair Value). 

My result after rehab costs of USD $25,000 was a sales result of USD$90,000. 
 -Perri Kallergis

“The information and services received from Lindsay at Star Dynamic has been of top quality from the start. 
The knowledge Lindsay has of the USA market and Detroit area is invaluable.
They really are the answer to helping Aussies invest in the USA, highly Recommend Star Dynamic.”
  - Donna James
 Purchase Cost
 $35,500.00 USD
 Rental Income
 $11,040.00 per year
 ROI 17% after expenses

Purchase Cost
 $60,600.00 USD
 Rental Income
 $11,400.00 per year
 ROI 12% after expenses

 Property Cost
 $26,150.00 USD
 Rental Income
 $8,400.00 per year
 ROI 18% after expenses

 Purchase Cost
 $50,500.00 USD
 Rental Income
 $9,000.00 per year
 ROI 11% after expenses

Who is
Star Dynamic?
'We help everyday Australians to create the lifestyle they always dreamed of!'

We are a husband and wife team living in the suburbs of Melbourne dedicated to changing the lives of everyday Australians. After learning from the top real estate investors, we started investing in the US market. Over the last 4-6 years in real estate, we have purchased more than 10 properties using a number of different strategies with fantastic results!  We decided these secrets were too good to keep and hence Star Dynamic was born. With the mission to help everyday Aussie’s create and build their dream lifestyle.

Star Dynamic Pty Ltd is a Real Estate and Investment company specialising in helping Aussies invest in positive cash flow US properties.  From turnkey rentals to developments and rehab/renovations, we work with Investors to develop a strategy that suits.

We are Australians helping Australians invest in global markets with positive cash flow properties. We provide end-to-end solution including Property management, Asset Protection, insurance, and training in the U.S market.

Lindsay Stewart & Helen Renisch at home in Melbourne
Visiting a property in the Detroit, United States