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7 Simple Secrets to Investing in US Property!
In less than 10 minutes you will learn:
  • Why the US market is so hot right now?
  • Learn how to create HUGE passive income with Real Estate investing 
  • Returns as high as 18% to 20% compared to 3% on Australian property 
  • High Positive Cash Flow property options
  • PLUS: Did you know you can purchase a US Property cheaper than a down payment in Australia!
Affordability. High Cash Flow. Diversification. Low Risk Investments. Debt free Portfolio.
No experience needed!
Investing in US Property Made SIMPLE!
Good quality rental properties can be purchased for a little as $50,000.00.
With Australian and New Zealand property so hot and expensive right now, there has never been a better time to look at affordable markets for investing.
While East Coast and West Coast US are showing similar prices to Sydney or Melbourne, there is a huge market in.
High Cash Flow
Cashflow is King! I’m sure you have heard this before. One of the best advantages of the US property market is that with such affordable housing, the rental returns are excellent. Properties can easily bring investors a 10-12% return net after costs, with choice deals realising over 15% and greater! In the Aussie market, we are lucky if we can get a quarter of that…

Most financial advisors will talk about diversifying your portfolio. The US market is a great way to add diversification to your property portfolio. The high cashflow, low cost properties the US market offers, goes hand in hand with the high leverage, high capital growth properties in Australia/NZ. This gives your portfolio a real boost to cash returns while waiting for capital growth.
Low Risk Investments
With the majority of the US markets very stable, less exposure to market forces and lower cost to get into the market, allows for a lower risk profile. Ensuring that all your properties are insured (rental insurance is available) if property prices drop 5-10% it can mean a loss of $4000 – $10000 but still have a very high cashflowing property. A similar drop in prices in say Sydney or Melbourne market can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars slashed from property prices and investors can suddenly struggle to make mortgage payments!
Debt free Portfolio
This can be particularly important if your nearing or looking towards planning retirement. Often one of the biggest pressures other than the job people are looking to remove from their life, is debt. This can be increasingly important as retirement looms as serviceability for loans can become a huge hurdle and stop a lot of people retiring from their job. We have had many investors invest $200 – $300 thousand in the US giving them a yearly passive income of over $50,000 – debt free!
No experience needed!
And the best thing is that us at Star Dynamic Property Investments can do it all for you! We take the guesswork and fear away from investing in the lucrative US market and perform all due diligence for you to analyse and make the most informed decisions regarding your investments. Contact us NOW for more Information!
Download My Seven Simple Secrets That Will Help You To Achieve Passive Income
What Some of our Clients Thought!
"Star Dynamic's niche expertise in US Property investing assists Aussies in a seamless process whilst offering knowledge and services covering asset protection, insurances, property management underpins a great investment opportunity. 

I now have made a positive US property investment and well above Australian margins in a short space of time which I could never have made in Australian without high taxes and duties. The result has allowed me to springboard into other US property investment opportunities.”

- Perri Kallergis
Melbourne VIC
“We were excited about what rental returns the US property could bring. Lindsay has been amazing through the whole process, very informative and goes beyond to help with any questions that I have and is always available and takes his time so that all aspects are perfectly clear.   

We found our experience much better than we even expected. I have dealt with other organisations prior, and Star Dynamic are far superior with service. 

I am excited about my future and this would not have been possible without Star Dynamic’s expertise and attention. Thank you Lindsay and team I look forward to working with you on the next purchase.” 

- Kathryn Fuller & Judyanne Smith 
Sydney, NSW
"This free Seven Simple Secrets to Investing in US Real Estate will teach you what you need to know about Investing in US Property. 

Understanding your Options in the US Property Market is the first step to achieving your real estate investment future. 

Achieving passive income immediately isn't as hard as you think and this free eBook will show you why."

- Lindsay Stewart
Founder of Star Dynamic
Why US Real Estate over the Australian Market
What Type of Properties to Invest in
I’ll show you the pros and cons of the US market versus the AU market.
What options are available and what type of properties to look for.
Where Should You Invest?
Cash Flow Returns
What areas are good to invest in within the US.
What sort of cash flow returns can you expect from US property.
Download My Seven Simple Secrets That Will Help You To Achieve Passive Income
Hi I’m Lindsay Stewart … a dedicated professional, ready to do whatever it takes to make your investments grow.

After many years investing in property in Australia, being Aussie, it felt safe to stay local, I had success and failures.

I ventured out into investing in education in US Property and have been successfully working with those that have been in their local markets for more than 25 years!